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“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” (Carl Jung) 

Do you suffer from anxiety, emotional pain? 

Do you feel trapped in a relationship?

Are you stuck in your career?

Are you struggling to find meaning and purpose in life?

Are you regularly stressed? 

When the answer to one of these questions is yes; contact me for a conversation to explore what the unique 3Keys to Self-Understanding approach could mean for you. We all are influenced by the messages about ourselves received in early childhood. These messages - we call them programmes - continue to influence us throughout our live, unless we do something about it. 3Keys to Self-Understanding is deeply affective, Inner-Child, work that helps you to tackle emotional wounding received early in life. Inner-Child work results in deep emotional healing to ensure wounding messages no longer will influence your life and your well-being.


You will come to understand, accept and even celebrate the significance and impact of who you were born to be, profiled by MBTI. You will find inner peace, renewed energy and creativity. You will live a more authentic and purposeful life. Your talents will shine and your choices are based on your personal values.

Down on this page there is more about 3Keys to Self-Understanding as well as a link to the 3Keys website, which provides a wealth of information. You can also contact me directly for a free introductory session.


“Realise at long last that you have within you something stronger and more numinous than those agents of emotion which make you a mere puppet on their strings” (Marcus Aurelius, Meditations)


Distinctive approach

Welcome to InnerXPower, I am Ingrid Maitimo. It is my passion and personal goal to contribute to the well-being of people by working with you on an individual basis and to give you guidance on your path to living your life to its fullest. 

I am a certified practitioner in 3Keys to Self-Understanding. This long existing, life changing approach is very distinct in many respects. We do not fix you or give advice, we guide you to control subconscious programmes that are a barrier to living the life you want. We do not merely talk about your problems, we work with your body, mind and emotions to access the root causes of your problems. We do not make you dependent on our therapy sessions; instead we guide you to apply independently and for the rest of your life, the inner work tools we use with you.

The greater part of my working life, including 13 years at Shell International, I have been an organisational development consultant with a strong focus on people, leadership and behavioural change. Shell enabled me to work in very different parts of the world where many passionate, authentic and talented people were my colleagues. Experiencing in practice diversity and authenticity strengthened my belief that if we as a family, a team, a society or a company, accept every person and let he or she be who he or she innate is, we contribute to a better society. It has been then and there that the seed of my transition to a 3Keys Practitioner was planted.

3 Keys to Self-Understanding gave me the courage and self-belief to leave my job at Shell to become a practitioner. I would love to listen to your story and work with you to guide you on your path towards informed life decisions making. And, to ultimately see that you have arrived at a solid foundation for an authentic, more purposeful and fulfilled life. Below you will find more about 3Keys to Self-Understanding.

Languages: Dutch, English, French

Distinctive approach

3Keys to Self-Understanding


Do you suffer from anxiety, emotional pain. Do you feel trapped in a relationship. Are you stuck in your career. Are you struggling to find meaning and purpose in life?

As a certified 3Keys Practitioner it is my passion to guide you on your path to a grounded, empowered person who has renewed energy and deep understanding of self. The 3Keys to Self-Understanding is an approach that sets itself apart.


Deep emotional healing is achieved through the intense affective approach of Inner Child work in combination with MBTI and Enneagram.

Early in the process we use MBTI profiling to help you get a clear understanding of your Core Self as a first key in reclaiming yourself. The second key is understanding your coping skills and techniques, which manifest themselves when you are stressed or at your worst. The Enneagram profiling helps you to understand your defence or coping mechanism. Understanding these two profiles and the roles of the two systems is a transforming experience, and explains so much of what before has defined your life.

The third key is Inner Child work to make the unconscious programming conscious. By engaging the feelings associated with the programming, you will be able to change it. When the programming is disengaged the coping mechanism is no longer needed and these old programmes no longer pose a threat to your well-being. You will become more resilient and you are able to make rational and healthier decisions for your life and have available to-go-to tools to tackle immediate stress.

Read more about our work by clicking on the 3Keys link below.

Meyers Briggs Type Indicator - MBTI®

Ever wondered, what your true type is or, 

what true type means in a team context?

I am a certified MBTI® Step I an II practitioner. MBTI is an excellent instrument for individuals to understand your true self. For teams MBTI enhances understanding between the team members, resulting in better collaboration and communication.

In a personal MBTI profiling session, we will determine your preferences and MBTI profile. You will deepen your understanding of what your profile means for you and the impact it has on the choices you make in life. 

A MBTI Team session is always preceded by an individual profiling session with each team member. In an interactive team session you will discuss a selection of current issues and cases, the impact of the different profiles on how those issues were discussed and resolved. You will experience how decision making becomes more effective by building on the differences and strengths of the team as profiled by MBTI. You will explore your team's vulnerabilities and how to overcome. Overall you will develop a better understanding of the team's functioning in the current operating environment.

In short, you will become a stronger, more self-aware and resilient team that is perfectly capable to adapt to, and act confidently in, todays' VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous).

Personal Branding

Effective branding is about authenticity, your true self, what makes you memorable. It is about understanding your uniqueness and how you are different from others. When you do not brand yourself, someone else will do for you.


Promoting yourself is difficult and very much influenced by the culture, family or political environment you grew up in. Unfortunately today, many people still struggle to present themselves in their most authentic way.


In my half a day Personal Branding session, you will develop your personal brand that lets shine your personality, passion, values and strengths. Personal Branding will help you to connect with others more effectively; knowing you will make it easier for people to trust you. 

What people say

"Ingrid and I share our passion for people and I have established deep respect for her and how she establishes trust and relationships and manages to work with teams at various (senior) Leadership levels to make more of the strengths of diversity of team members."

Peter T., The Hague NL

3Keys therapy has given me inner peace. I have learned to listen to my inner child and on various occasions it has already helped me to make the right decisions. The kind way Ingrid guided me on my difficult and at times very tough path has helped me to arrive at where I am now. I would recommend it to anyone.

Vera M, Amsterdam NL


Free Webinar 8th April 7.30 pm CET

3Keys practitioners flyer_Small.jpg

Our webinar gives you the opportunity to experience how to find your inner strength through a simple, yet powerful exercise that will help you cope. You will gain new insights and with a real live example you will see how 3Keys inner work can guide you on your path.

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